Weight Control:   Tried a diet that didn't work? We all have. Experience impulse eating, and/or compensation eating? Hypnotherapy helps you resolve these underlying causes and give you tools to assist you toward weight loss. 
 Smoking Cessation:   Can hypnotherapy help me quit smoking? Yes, and It's effective.  Explore and eliminate the emotional reinforcements for smoking. Most clients need only one session! ​
Relationships: Understanding feelings, motivations, (ours and our significant others) and working through them. Family issues? Hypnosis can aid you to resolve emotions and conflicts to resolve them.
Work Related Issues: Are there performance blocks you wish to remove? Be more productive, feel more successful at work, and accomplish more. We can help you identify those blocks and work to remove them, give you empowering tools which you can use daily, and allow you the freedom to be productive, happy, and successful. 

Abuse:  Hypnosis allows you to understand the abuse and desensitize you to the effects and "come to terms" with what happened.  Most people feel a great weight has been lifted from them.  You already know that "burying it" doesn't work.  

​Stress/Anxiety/fears/ Life's Journey: Hypnosis can help you challenge the fearful object or stressor. Stop the fear and resulting anxiety. Live a happier, more stress-free life.   
Spirituality/ Life's Journey/ Spirit Guides:  Want to meet your spirit guides who help you throughout your life?  See if you are on the correct path and any wisdom they will impart. Or a Shamanic Journey can teach you so much about you and your direction in life. Are you on the right path?
Past life regression:  Want to know about your past lives, learn from them, and not make the same mistakes? Have you ever wondered if you knew a certain person in a previous life because you are strangely drawn to them? Does a particular time period or part of the world call to you? Take a safe journey into the past, it is fascinating, fun, and enlightening.