Empowering Personal Hypnotherapy Sessions


My personal sessions are "client-centered" which means that I use my skills to assist you, not read from a script. Please allow me to help you build your own inner spiritual resources and intuition so that you can embrace your life with confidence, energetic balance, and joy! It is my goal to allow you to feel safe and secure.  You will feel refreshed, relaxed, and satisfied that you made a change you always wanted. When you schedule your appointment with me, you will find that you now have the support you need to uncover the aspects of your life where you feel the need the most healing and understanding.
New Client phone consultation- 20 min. FREE!
Hypnotherapy - New Client - 2 hours - $160.00
Hypnotherapy - Returning Client (short) - 50 minute - $50.00
Hypnotherapy - 2 hours - $100.00
Prepay 10 - 2 hour Hypnotherapy sessions (20% discount) - $800.00
*Phone, Home, Office, and Skype sessions available.
*There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you have to reschedule please do so 24 hr prior to your appointment. 

Group Sessions

hypnotherapy, hypnosis
Group Hypnosis Sessions are so much fun, entertaining, and effective.  Groups of three or more will enjoy and benefit from the experience.  Minimal cost for groups, so contact me and see how affordable it is!


hypnotherapy, hypnosis


  • "You unleashed something I had buried for years.  Now that I've had to deal with it, I'm so much better.  I want to work on this some more."

  • "You are receiving this letter because between (dates redacted) we came to you asking for help, you were a part of our team. Today, I'm nausea free and recovering from surgery with reasonable back pain.  I expect to return to school in the fall."

  • “My business has become more profitable, my relationships have become healthier and I am living a much better version of me - my true self."

  • “I never realized that my parents really loved me.  I’ve been in counseling for years without understanding this.  I am at peace.”

  • “I stopped smoking and drinking. I feel great!" 

  • “Knowing what I did in a past life helps me know what to do now. I can do this.”

  • "I wasted so much of my life trying to move forward.  It was in my control all along. I simply needed to find my way"



        * Names or initials have not been used to protect client identity and confidentiality.